Slab No. 1

Slab No. 1 started as project to add diacritical marks and to expand the open source font Chunk, by Meredith Mandel.

As my work on the regular weight progressed, the design evolved and I decided to redraw all glyphs entirely. Initially I intended to use the black weight of Chunk in Slab No. 1.

The aim of the project is to release open source version of Slab No. 1 in regular, italic, bold, bold italic, and black. Currently the bold version is work in&nbps;progress.

Danish pangram roughly translated: Quiz participants ate strawberries with cream while circus clown Walther played the xylophone.

Slab No. 1?

Like in “the number one slab amongst all slab serifs ever created”? No, by no means. My plan is to continue designing type families, where each design will be numbered. Basically, Slab No. 1 is my first attempt. And now it looks like Slab No. 2 will follow, with Serif No. 3 at the horizon.

The full source, both as unified font object and for Glyphs, is available for anyone to dissect or build upon. Download the latest version on Github here.