Connect and challenge friends, keep track of vertical feets and share your winter vac­ation experience, all within one social platform provided to all SkiStar customers.

About SkiStar

SkiStar operates ski resorts in Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway, as well as Salen, Are, Vemdalen and Hammarbybacken in Sweden. With a vision to create memorable winter experiences and being the leading operator of European alpine destinations. As a part of this vision, MySkiStar was introduced in 2011 to as a free service to everyone with a SkiPass.

Winter as well as summer; MySkiStar can be used both summer and winter. Skiing and downhill.


Launch a new platform för att göra förlänga skidupplevelsen och lägga på ett lager inför, under och efyer själva skidupplevlesen.

The logotype inherits the snow star from the mother brand and can be used with or without the name SkiStar.


The user receives achievements based on skiing behaviour and progress in the slopes. Social integrations consist of
vertical meters as well as moving behavoiur in the slopes aswell as …
Challaneges such as how to make social integrations with Facebook make sense included sharing a full days exeperience with a photo, a summary of a full days achievements.

Wireframes used extensively in the beginning of the project to discuss and shape the MySkiStar experience.

My role

I worked tightly togehter with the development team to wire frame user flows, to make sure the user experience was consistnent. Initial branding for the, as well as graphic design, conceptual design for pins and actual front end development in production.

My role also included the initial branding of MySkiStar, something SkiStar has themselves built upon inhouse.
Mobile design and user flows, as well as helping out with front-end development, mainly javascript and mobile stylesheets.