During my internship in London I wanted to share the everyday life with friends and family and I did so on a weekly basis, by uploading a photo along with a short story.

For each photo there is a story to be told. And every story is a chapter in my London book; a story to tell family and friends, sharing my experience with words and pictures. This was just before Instagram gain traction and was sort of similar personal project.

Each photo has a context and a story to be told.

A collection of photos from the photo blog.

Technical details

The blog is built as a plugin on top of the very same content management system that is this website. Each story includes a custom color scheme—all set via the content management system—to match each photo and set a certain atmosphere. Photos are hosted on Flickr and links back to each photo. One of the challenges was to build it using CSS3-transitions and javascript to load and navigate through each of the chapters. The photo blog is still available online but it's nowadays not updated. Visit My London Story.