Cabby is a Swedish caravan manufacturer. All the caravans are intended for year round use and Cabby is the market leader in Sweden within this segment.

The caravan industry is a very traditional one in which the relation­ship between the caravan owner and the local dealer is of great importance for both parts. The customer loyalty to a brand is very strong and an ever present topic amongst campers on the campsite.

A new design

The primary goal with the new design for the Cabby website was to better reflect the quality of the caravans. Each caravan is built onsite in the factory in Kristinehamn, in the central parts of Sweden. With the new online presence, Cabby emphasize a direction towards being a more premium brand with a range of new caravans more focusing on details and design.

The black curve is one of the design details picked up from the caravans.

Find your type of caravan Dynamically load each model based on category; illustrating each plan makes it easy to compare and chose the one to meet specific needs.

My role

All the way from concept, wire frame to art direction and final design.