Visual design for the new Barncancerfonden digital presence, with emphasis on the on-going privately initiated fundraisers.

Example of badges used to encourage and engage throughout the fund raise process. The badges read “Well done! Halfway” and “The goal is reached!”.

Barncancerfonden, the Swedish childhood cancer foundation, is a non-profit organizations raising money to combat cancer in children. The organization work to improve health and quality of life for children with cancer and their families.

The overall digital solution for Barncancerfonden focus a lot on various popular fundraising driven events as well as privately initiated fundraising with a very personal touch. Beside this, the solution should also hold advances in research, news, a webshop, information about the organisation, help families and and further spread the knowledge about cancer.

The start page focus on donations and showing the status of a variety of privately initiated fundraisers.

The solution

This was one of my first projects working at Nansen. I was responsible for making a digital version of the new communication platform. The website focuses a lot more on privately initiated fundraising and a variety of elements and assets was required for the solution. With a great variety of content, the website rely on a mega navigation isolate the content in silos and not making a far too steep navigation.