Photo, courtesy of Emily Frick.

I consider myself to be a designer primarily for the the digital fron­ti­ers, with a set of skills ranging from front-end to concept de­vel­op­ment. I understand both the technical and visual challenges within a project—I help bridge the gap between the design, the code, the business and the user. Before being a really good designer, I believe you need to look at a problem from at least these four perspectives

He did an exceptional job and it was a real pleasure working with him.
— Kieran O’Neill, former CEO & Co-Founder at Playfire

I’m very humble toward my profession. I find joy in solving actual prob­lems, to help clients communicate and provide a seamless experience the end user ever even notice.

I currently reside in Stockholm working as a freelance digital designer. I’m always open to new projects or career opportunities and the chance to explore other cities.

Educated at Hyper Island

I am a two times Hyper Island graduate. In 2005 from Digital Media and in 2011 from Interactive Art Director. Hyper Island is a unique school in many ways. A designed learning experiences in col­lab­or­a­tion with industry leaders helps create colleagues prepared for both current needs and possible future challenges.

Thoughts on design process

Each project is different and sometimes require a different processes. I prefer—as often as possible—to work with prototyping; to early on establish a visual design or interface, something to discuss before taking anything to far. If you’re interested in knowing more and see­ing examples, don’t hesitate to contact me.